Testimonials from our franchisees




David Vallé, Gautier Perpignan

“Why did I choose Gautier?
– A French brand that manufactures in France
– A family company not listed on the stock exchange
– Sharing the same human values as myself

Strong positioning on the furniture market with remarkable value for money in terms of quality and design, a reassuring 10 year guarantee, and a welcoming and inspiring store concept.

Finally, full support for GAUTIER teams throughout the project and on a daily basis once the business is launched.

After 18 years in the DIY retail sector, I am delighted to have made this career change by starting my own business. GAUTIER is a smart choice!”

Sylvain Humbert, Gautier Annecy

“I wanted to start my own business and was drawn to this family-run company that is committed to human values. I am delighted with my first year in business, despite the difficult economic conditions. All Gautier furniture is made in France. The development and production teams will be staying in France and there are no plans to relocate overseas. And finally, Gautier guarantees quality products: the Made in France label is a symbol of this quality and is much appreciated by consumers.”




Laurent Cartier, Gautier Rennes

Rebuilding a professional career beyond the age of 50 is not easy, and yet that’s exactly what we’ve managed to do in under 10 months. Let us tell you how we did it.

Taking on a franchise seemed the most suitable and least risky solution for us, as long as we could find the right partner.

That’s where everything got really easy! We found Gautier to be the ideal partner as it is a recognised brand with careful product positioning, an innovative concept and, most importantly, permanent support.

Gautier invested in us to bring the project to fruition, from creating the company to opening the store. These strong foundations mean that we are now on track for success, with results better than forecast and highly positive customer feedback.




Nadine Biencourt, Gautier La Rochelle

I’d always dreamed of independence but at the same time there is a fine line between independence and solitude. With Gautier, franchisees are independent but also have access to others’ expertise. So the fears surrounding such a project fade away. There is a professional to answer all your questions and provide support at every step. This partnership is extremely reassuring.

This new adventure will be a personal achievement, a dream come true. Working in a great location like La Rochelle, in a beautiful store offering such quality – made in France! – products can only make you happy.”



Xavier Dejoux, Gautier Angers

“I was looking for a franchise that would allow me to grow and flourish, and that is what I found with Gautier. We have a real dialogue where my wishes are taken into account, and there is still a family atmosphere even though Gautier is now an international group. In these difficult times, I’m really proud to be able to offer quality products that are made in France. And what a pleasure it is to get positive customer feedback – that’s not a given these days!”




Jérôme Gros, Gautier Toulouse

“A key factor in my decision was my rapport with the Gautier teams. They are professional, friendly and they always listen – this really struck a chord with me.”