A long-term partnership

Becoming a Gautier franchisee is more than an investment. It means joining the large Gautier family as a partner. By embarking on this adventure, we mutually commit to the success and long life of your project.

Become an ambassador of a strong French brand that has a unique history and know-how.

For each project, we provide support in 5 main areas to guarantee the success of your future store. As a Gautier franchisee, you are at the centre of an organisation that is devoted to your success.

A team by your side


Your project needs solid foundations in order to be successful in the long term. This is why it is essential that we work alongside you throughout your journey.

We are by your side from your very first steps and through all the subsequent stages: the initial planning stage and assessment of the customer catchment area, searching for the right premises and negotiating on price, preparing your store opening campaign, assembling the products in store and the smallest details such as which style of decoration to choose.

Training and management

Before your store is opened, you will be immersed in the Gautier culture for 3 weeks. This helps you prepare for your new role and hands you the keys to a successful franchise.

You will visit our factories to see our products, receive training on how to use our various sales tools, and master the sales techniques that our unique to our brand and culture. It goes without saying that these 3 weeks also represent a unique opportunity to spend quality time with our teams.

You will be offered regular training to keep abreast of market changes, our product offer and to share best practices across the network.

The way you manage your store is key to your success and that of your project. From the very start of your project, our teams will work closely with you to provide professional support so you can maximise your results and ensure your store continues to thrive.

Our facilitators regularly visit your store to help you with your day-to-day decisions and increase your independence so you are more responsive and successful in areas such as sales, recruitment, management, operations and merchandising. This support continues for as long as your store is up and running.


Advertising and marketing

Our market reputation is continuing to grow, thanks to effective local and national advertising initiatives.

We advertise nationally to increase awareness of the network and brand. We run TV and radio advertising campaigns at regular intervals throughout the year, the latest ones being on BFM TV, France Info and France Inter.

On a local level, we work together to build your marketing plan as part of your launch campaign, as well as throughout the year. An annual marketing plan is put together by an advertising committee that includes our communications team, sales teams, consultancy agency and franchisees who are fully committed to representing their region.

We work together on drawing up this marketing plan, providing you with effective tools for creating quality marketing. Several promotional events are held in your store throughout the year.

You will also benefit from our teams’ expertise in implementing marketing initiatives, analysing their results and working on improvements.


Store layout and decoration

The way you lay out and decorate your store is a key factor in your operational success. Before your store opens, our teams design the layout and create personalised spaces for each of the collections so that the customer takes a specific pathway through the store and is exposed to several inspirational themes. The aim is to appeal to customers and present them with full layout solutions for every room in the home.


For as long as your store is up and running, our teams will remain on hand to assess the decoration of your store and ensure it is always in line with current trends.

Digital pack

A number of software tools developed especially for the brand can help you to manage and develop your store. We suggest you use our G-Link business management and analysis software, with a free hotline providing assistance at any time.

To help your customers to plan their layouts, you will also have access to a 3D room planner offering the very best solutions on the market: Gautier Home. This enables you to create rooms, add furniture and decorative elements and generate HD views.

Logo Gautier Home- Sans Fond - 1

Our G-News intranet keeps you up to date with the latest news across the network, with quick access to all our marketing packs, calendars, order forms, practical advice, technical documents and lookbooks.


We are by your side, working with you towards the success of your store. A long-term partnership is also built around constant contact with the entire network: via working committees, to formulate the marketing plan for example, or via regular interaction to share key ways of ensuring our brand is successful.