A rapidly expanding brand

In just 10 years, Gautier has expanded its network of franchise stores across the entire world. With ten stores opening each year on average, the Gautier franchise has appealed to many entrepreneurs seeking new professional opportunities.

The Gautier brand continues to grow, both in terms of the number of stores and the brand’s reputation. Over the past few years, Gautier’s profile has become increasingly visible in France in particular, as the result of a strong advertising campaign: advertisements in leading decor magazines, a strong online presence as well as on social networks, sponsorship on Radio France and a TV campaign in TF1 or BFM. The brand therefore has a refreshing, dynamic feel that appeals to new candidates on a daily basis.

Why not become a part of the big Gautier family and grow with us?

On average, 10 new Gautier stores open each year in France and abroad.

Over 120 stores opened in France and abroad